“How did you become so independent”

A couple days ago, my close friend had asked me advice on how I became so independent. She was going through her own learning experiences of coping with a break up to which I re-assured her that self-love and building it through forgiveness really set me off to where I am now.

Forgiving anyone (even myself) that did me wrong 10000x made it easier to move forward. I learned that when we harbour hatred or emotions from past trauma we tie ourselves from moving past it. Not dealing with it only makes the weight become stronger to get rid of as time passes. And it’s shitty. Ask yourself, “Why would you miss anyone/anything that mistreats you or puts you in a place where you feel shitty about your life” And do this repeatedly til you get to your senses.

To not harbour hate you have to release yourself slowly by asking and giving yourself forgiveness and permission to let go. To actually understand that you’ve added to the pain by remaining attach to it and that it’s been of disservice to you is when the healing begins. You move forward by replacing hate/anger/sadness/depression with reflection.

It’ll feel powerless at first but sit back and watch it work.

Truthfully, I’m unsure how independent I am. Perhaps people are mistaking my ‘independency’ for the type of love I have. All I know is that since I’ve invested in building, protecting and fighting my self love — the more it goes unnoticed of how unmistakable my love is.



The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

What I learned this past year:

1. ‘Fuck It’ 
Speak simpler and outwardly frequently. Especially with the fellas — The more ‘dumbed’ down the better HEH

2. Cut the bull shiiiiet                             Your self – honesty determines your experiences with others.. Get to the point. Respect your time. Match your effort. Keep your word (seriously NO NO NO to temptation).

3. Relationships and priorities
What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained, labelled, convinced etc. Those who can prioritize are able to focus on themselves without taking away from someone else.

4. You can outgrow people
Protect your happiness and well being. Don’t feel guilty or afraid to say what needs to be done. In other words, don’t be a pussy … 

5.  Trust the process
Allow experiences to flow organically and be content with the outcome. Wins or losses time spent is valuable learning of self.

6. Say yes to fear, pain, suffering … [again don’t be a pussy]
Avoiding gets you no where. Truth is self- growth multiples ten folds when doing anything out of your comfort zone. This is applied to jobs, relationships, dating etc. At the end of the day grow some balls.

7. Take care of yourself in all forms.
A person can love every inch of your soul to the deepest core but that will never liberate you from the responsibility of loving yourself.

Thank you universe for everything in my life and for such abundance as of late. I  am a divine beautiful multifaceted bad gyal with a healthy glow and a phatty growing every minute. Unapologetically, I will not tolerate anyone who attempts to disparage my character. More is coming. I love you.


life’s guuuuuud. now who gon check up on me booo?