Blocked love 

I understand why blocking would be the immediate mechanism in attempt to forget the past. And especially in an age where social media projects such vast stories, ‘deleting’ is portrayed as the best resolution.  
However, learning from my own experiences this is the wrong way to heal. Yes everyone lives out their lives differently and what people say or present on the exterior can only say so much. But I believe a person’s self love is far more potent and beautiful to posses when it comes to healing.
My faith lies heavily in the belief that in order to grow we need to embrace previous happenings preceding into our now existing lives. To block the past (to me) is heavy indication of being shameful, unforgiving — those of which I am not. 

I am not ashamed for falling in love with someone who stopped ‘loving’ me. 

I am not ashamed that I hung on after he stopped putting in half the effort.

I am not ashamed that I didn’t realize sooner that I should have let go.

The only shame here is putting good, real love to waste. 

I forgive myself & I forgive him

I get it, I fell in love with a person who I thought was deserving of my time. And discovering this, I learned that I’ve become this inspirational being wondering what else I’ve been hiding. 


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