the pursuit

With April here, time has really flew itself by. The mood is right for posting something so personal. Currently looking out my window and the sun it came to me how much I have grown. I want to officially dedicate this post to all those who have really laid their mark in my path then and now. And with my birthday coming up, I am more than welcoming to enter this new chapter of my life.  These are the words people have told me:

You always had your head on straight, you just had a slight moment where you looked back and put your head down. Don’t make your heart go through things that don’t have any lessons, [worthwhile lessons], for us.

And because of this, I completely agree with you. He was such a big part of your life but you have come so far since everything happened and I know you can keep pushing forward. You have done so much [without him] and are definitely moving forward in the direction and bettering yourself.

Which is honestly why I’m so proud of you, that you can see past this change and see the bigger picture.Keep your head held up high. Nothing but brightness and beauty comes from it.

Even if we haven’t talked in a long time you treat me as if we only haven’t see each other in a day and I really appreciate it. For the first time in a while, I’m feeling really driven and grounded. So thanks for being part of my life back then AND again now.

Yes I have had unfair things happen against me but I know even greater that the depth of my pain is an indication of the height of my future. I owe myself the love that I freely give to other people. And I see now how powerful MY LOVE is and what it brings.



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