Universal Law

In expanding off from my previous post, here I wanted to write about the things I hold value greatly in my own learning experiences. These lessons resonate most in my heart and not a day goes by that I don’t think about them. What I say in these messages are solely based on my experiences. You can agree or disagree. But recognize I hold more value in the idea that my words are honest, whole-hearted and true.

  1.  Love yourself first and understand why it is important.
    The type of love you give yourself transcends to the type of love you deserve. It’s a reciprocal cycle. Do not expect acceptance from a person who isn’t mature enough to understand the meaning of love. Do not expect to find peace in a person who doesn’t even know who they are. If by any means you find yourself questioning this or know someone in mind that is…  likely chances are they are not happy with them self.The way in which a person treats you is heavy indication of how they feel about them self.
  2. Despite how open, honest and patient you are as a person, a person can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.
    Be smart, everyone CANNOT and WILL NOT love the way that you love. We all have different methods. But I cannot emphasize enough to remain aware and notice the difference between someone who loves different and someone who just takes advantage of your kindness. Pay attention.
  3. A person cheats because in some aspect in their own life they feel insecure.
    Do not be fooled as insecurity comes in different forms: doubt, uncertainty, inconsistency … We all know cheating is  WRONG and is the WRONG way to seek validation. But also know to not blame yourself for them being emotionally handicapped. If you enter a relationship ready with genuine intentions and your partner chooses to be unfaithful — Not only do they cheat on you but realize they cheated on them self out of having something real.
  4. Time is a precious commodity. Honour and respect the commitments you made.
    Be ruthless with your time. Guard it well and manage it creatively. Positive thinking and goal setting mean nothing without time. Remember time is a non-renewable source. You have a single life and that is the life of your own. Direct all of your time to those that count. Focus your time around your priorities. The way you act and what you advocate for — your actions, words reflect and transcend the things that come your way so allow yourself to design the life you are worthy of.
  5. Get your priorities straight: the quality of your life will come down to the quality of your contribution.
    The most meaningful things in your life should never be sacrificed to those that are least meaningful. Invest your energy to those who have the capacity to reciprocate your efforts back. Those who prioritize your happiness as much as their own. Surround yourself with your “core people”. Your squad. These people transcend your efforts back for the intent of supporting you in your active devotion in fulfilling your worthwhile aims and your character power to advance them. And when you work to elevate your own life you indirectly improve the lives of others selflessly.

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