Self love


9:47 pm… wanted to do something creative with my writing. it was a fun project

all I needed first
for myself to be happy was
with someone …
I learn to be truly happy
How you will love others
is a huge indication of
How you ultimately love yourself,
this is true.
“People can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves”,
is a lie.
When I say not loving yourself first and why it’s unworthy,
those that really know me know this;
Others’ perceptions of you
is more valuable than
Understanding your self-love in who you are and growing to be
Get your ambitions, priorities and beliefs straight.
But before this,
Recognize that time is a commodity.
There is truth —
Whoever will have me will not recognize and seek ways to appreciate my soul and my beauty.
It is a mistake to believe that
When the chapters in my life embodies “this person” one of my purposes will be fulfilled.
The truth is,
someone will never fight for me.
I am wrong when I say
“Loving yourself first is important”.
for the better
I will devote teaching my children they can change
and because of this,
The world needs beauty
love is not real.
It is hopeless to believe that
I can kiss someone and they can see the next 60 years of their life.
Happiness will come.
But because my love, the right type of love, is endless,
Life will take everything away.
No matter how much I think otherwise.
Nothing lasts forever.
To accept this is very wrong so I choose to change my path in another direction

                                                                    *cue reading in reverse haha*
– Love, Em.


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