Merielle, you are beautiful, you are the one and you are loved. You have continued to fill your heart with gratefulness and gracefulness to which there’s no denying your imprint on others. Your level of optimism has given you life. Your level of strength has made you inspirational. And your wisdom has certainly reflect your value.

The love you have is beyond doubt unconditional, compassionate and strong to which these feelings will remain forever. Choose your battles wisely and fight for what you love the most, always. Remember what you passionately, whole-heartedly love or who you love is worth fighting for. Don’t even question it or hesitate. All that matters most are your worthwhile aims, how deeply they mean to you and how they enrichen your life.

Your worth does not amount to what others see in you but ultimately how you measure yourself. Release all the negativism: worry, anger, resentment because those are not worthwhile feelings. Happiness is.

Happiness can never escape your future because you will always be presently there. Your love, the right type of love, is unfailing because the future has never been so clear. Life is beautiful because your purpose is here.
6:21 am and I wrote this little one as I could not sleep. Being protected by many significant people inspired me to writing this message. Time is truly a commodity and I savour it more than I ever did before. That said, this post can be read so many ways. Put your name in or even someone else’s and read it. Out loud. Go over it again. If you mean them, things should make sense by the time you finish. 


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