Bed Peace

(the morning after)

And so it happens
you wake up one morning
and the feelings you went
to sleep with are no longer there
you picture life
instead of feeling worried
you begin to smile.

r.h. sin.

Waking up this morning, I feel an abundance of bed peace.

I’ve realized that worrying drains the mind much of its power and in truth injures the soul. Every second I spend thinking of someone else’s dreams I am taking away valuable time from my own. Every negative energy I invest creates more struggle in acquiring my true potential.  The lack in my life exists because there’s a lack in my thoughts and in my divine being. Nothing else. What matters most and what I will continually fight for, with a passionate elegance, is my happiness.

In my journey I have discovered that the source of happiness is achievement. That the true contentment a person seeks comes from reflection on worthy aims and devotion to advance them. To put simple: the power of setting clearly, defined, purposeful goals and most importantly having the character power to act on them achieves everlasting happiness. This to me makes sense. I strongly feel that there is more to my life than just existing. That the purpose of life is a life of purposes. 

This is the truth. My truth…

My optimism illustrates my confidence. My perseverance illuminates my devotion. My nobleness has and will inspire others. And my love for myself and for whoever (re)-enters my life’s chapters — will forever be transformed. These are the parts of happiness I have achieved. And as for my purpose; it will be shown.

I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams. It’s time to wake up.

-Love Em


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