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I Know. 

2:37 am and this needed to be written.

         I know that I am hurting. But even more with clarity, I know I cannot wait for the day to love someone so unconditionally. That their love for me will be expressed in their own ways that embraces and appreciates all of me, who I am and what I have to offer.

         I know that I am beyond excited to start a new chapter of my life and when that life embodies this person, one of my purposes will be fulfilled. Without a doubt I am a compassionate, kind-hearted soul who sees and acts genuinely and optimistically. These are the qualities that make me beautiful. Gifted. What I am worthy of is someone to enter my life who celebrates my presence, soul and takes value in who I am and growing to be.

           Although I have loved, I know I love and value myself much more. That my gracefulness in both my actions and words since the beginning of this revelation as well as so forth will grant me eternal blessings and gifts. One of which is a love that is pure, real and beautiful and that this gift will be shared with someone who ultimately values our friendship together.

           Let’s not forget that when the day comes, being able to wake up and find what they know and what they feel are one and the same; I know that this will be the moment where they realize what has been destroyed.


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