Letting Go

Pure disappointed in my own words and thoughts. Here I am writing all these “being spiritually mature or pure” in my previous posts and yet I allowed myself to stoop so low in criticizing others. This post made me realize I still care. As much as I repress it or don’t want to admit it… I do. Maybe this is a phase. A normal phase. I don’t fucking know. But one thing for sure is that judging or holding a grudge isn’t me. For me to let go and on negative words and actions, I wanted to say I’m sorry. Thinking and saying those things was wrong because they were unnecessary and may have been hurtful They were spoken out of anger. For future, I will not let my emotions get the best of me and only say things I mean. Will you forgive me? 

Although I doubt you’d be reading this, and for those that are would likely make no sense of this, but just know I needed to write this post to keep a peace of mind and to heal my heart. 


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