After watching the whole Matrix trilogy and being completely mind blown (again) encouraged me to writing this post. With its many underlying themes that are complex in meaning but simple in delivery — what I liked most about these movies is its demonstration of how the simulated world interconnects the body, mind and brain (plus the kick-ass action scenes ahah).

As always, what continues to resonate with me most is the emphasis of struggle between free will (choice) vs. fate. To live in a society that is pre-constructed where norms are built and choices are illusions leads to no meaning in life. What is the purpose of living when we cannot as individuals take responsibility to make choices, make mistakes and learn from them? And value from these experiences. When connecting this element to the actual world, as of late I do contemplate on the idea if fate rules out our destiny or if free will, becoming agents of choosing right or wrong, paves our future. Still to this day do I get really mind boggled by this. My experiences can similarly reflect someone else’s journey but how it’s interpreted, choice or fate, can be a debate.

     One thing that caught my attention from watching the film was this statement:

can never see past the choices we don’t understand”

This to me makes sense. The key to this statement is to realize we are unable to foretell future happenings when we do not understand the present choices we have made. As individuals we have a single vision and that is the sight of our own. It is obviously difficult to see the bigger picture when you are part of the choice you make. Perhaps if time has passed and you still don’t completely understand a choice you made then you probably made the wrong choice. Irrational or rational, those are choices. Indecision is a decision. Know that as capable beings we’ve made our answers. Our choices. Now it’s a matter of understanding why we made them. You can’t change what has past but I believe you can change how you handle the present and future.

Speaking from personal experiences, I believe people need to grow mentally and spiritually in order to come to terms with truth and that the answers one gets are only as good as the questions they ask. I accept that in every conditioned experience made by individuals, each human being has the capacity to know and understand the experience. And that in truth, each human being has the capacity to bring to that experience greater awareness. With the developed ability to observe and understand while bring greater recognition to the experience, I believe embraces the aspect of growth. The embodiment of oneself is partially determined by karma, or what can be called in this case fate.

Along with fate, free will contributes a significant role in the human life.”To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human” (Wachoski Brothers, 1999).  A mark of individuality and humanity, humans need the body, brain, and mind working together simultaneously to stay awake in the world. Simplified: the body cannot live without the mind. Being able to make choices, use free will, requires compromising worthwhile risks (as harsh as that sounds). These choices embody rational knowledge (a.k.a. fated choices — seem right because it has the most favorable outcome) and irrational hope, the insight that greater possibilities can exists. To determine what’s a good and what’s a bad choice is ultimately defined by the person living out those choices.

In ending off this post, I would like to say that in fairness given the proper places, fate decides what lessons must be learned and why. Freewill on the other hand decides how they are learned and when. With my current experiential learning it came to my attention that alternate events can lead to the same lessons learned. And what is that lesson? To not take things for granted. To seek and value life in more ways as continuous as possible. To cherish and be present in the moment when sharing time with others because ultimately at the end of the day everything you act on and say is a reflection of your true self. That being said, it is not so much the spiritual details of events that are ruled by fate but rather the actions created by the person. My point being is as individuals we must understand why the choices made have been made and learn the lessons prompted by fated events.


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