Self love

Self-Love: Pt. 2 Karma


One day your love for yourself
will outweigh the love
that keeps you holding onto someone
who chooses to hurt you;
one day the love for yourself
will be your strength —
that love will be more than enough reason
for you to walk away for good.

r.h. sin.

    Currently listening to Elhae ‘Halfway Love’ and reading this quotation got me in all sorts of vibes. As of now, I feel liberated. Re-birthed almost. Like I found myself once again. I am happy writing this post which is strange because not too long ago I was feeling sad.

     Being taken for granted, almost neglected and stayed; I came to realize in reality I held onto nothing. At least this is how I think now. So it makes sense when I say this, “if I walk away, losing them, then I lose nothing“. Loving myself first and foremost is the greatest gift I can give to myself. To be told “sorry for your loss”, really hit me. Thank you for acknowledging my existence and what I valued to be one of the most dearest things to my heart. To say thanks does not do justice of how appreciative I am by your simple act. But believe me when I say this, in the end feel sorry for “their loss”. I lost nothing. They did. Lost the whole package really. Lost my unconditional love of acceptance, forgiveness, support, my passion for spontaneity and adventure. The sensation of connecting on all levels with a human being: physically, emotionally and mentally.

     Always do I wish the person all the best in finding them-self with good health and happiness. Because this person will learn. Time will tell its place. Definitely did they handle the revelation poorly however this learning is beyond my control. I will let karma handle the obstacles he will face and wish him all the best with what has yet to come.

– Love, Em.


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