Self love

Self – Love: Pt. 1 -A Good Heart.

(a good heart)

The only downfall of having a
good heart is that you’re
constantly looking for angels inside of demons.
And they wonder why the good know so
much pain.

r.h sin

        Reading this feels so right. R.h. Sin’s poems in , Whiskey Words and A Shovel, are crazy good. I mean his way of expression, words really connect deeply to my mindset.

         Come to think of it, I’d like to think of myself as a very kind and gentle soul. My nurturing sense of compassion and patience completes me & I love that. I take the time to genuinely understand the underlying meaning of happenings and not just focus on the ‘physical picture’. I choose to think optimistically of myself as well as others because intentions and perspectives shape so much of who we are as individuals. I try my best to be in the present moment of things in order to really appreciate my blessings in life. And when I focus my concentration on current respondsibilites, I believe I become granted with greater rewards (experiences) in the long run (which I have). This is why I’m rarely mad. There’s just so much beauty to handle around the world why feel an emotion that’s not going to better you? Of course feeling angry is part of being human and it is in fact healthy but when we choose to hold onto that anger the most it could ever offer is transform our spirit into negative energy.  Remember, the energy we use to channel and shape our perspectives is a very powerful tool. Which is why I’m not your typical girl/friend. I normally don’t find myself reacting or responding in ways that are expectedly the “same” or normal from society.

       But also with a good heart, I have learned people will take advantage and manipulate your kind soul. Even close ones too. It’s happened to me. Not saying ‘I should have known better’, although I am more fully aware of this– with time, clarity will return back to the heart; always. Yes, selectively choosing who is deserving to be in my presence is needed but to put a constant wall from self to others is not healthy. Know that relationships are always risky and a full time job lol. So building these borders are not ideal if you want to achieve true meaning in life. That being said I no longer interpret or define happenings as regrets but more so lessons. And these learning lessons are valuable. They enrichen my mind, body, heart and soul. So yea I am pretty glad I have a good heart.

– Love, Em.


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