Sleeping alone.


If you’re sleeping alone, don’t trip too
hard on your situation. Enter peace
knowing that someone is praying for your soul.
Your mind is going to play tricks on you and send tests your way.
Try to relax the overthinking, and breathe.
The answer is no, you don’t miss _____,
you just miss what he or she used to represent. Sleep well
knowing that “you are the one and that you are love”.
The faded memory of _____ is only a cloud of nothingness.
Let it go. Breathe and relax, because you
got this.                                                                   – Sylvester McNut III

Needed this. However a part I am in disagreement with is the idea of missing a person based on what they represented. Perhaps they can still resemble those qualities. They just lost themselves in finding themselves. But what one thing definite about is that I am the one and I am love.


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